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PowerPoint Compression Utility

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In organised world of computing, companies strive to minimise cost to be able to maximize profit. Everywhere, MS office files are created and shared to communicate and collaborate with others be it employees, customers, business partners, or anybody else on the earth. This generates huge amount of data for storage. PowerPoint Presentations are extensively used through out corporate world. Globrin along with Realise IT's strategic partner developed Compression Utility for PowerPoint which optimises and compresses PowerPoint presentation files without using any archiving utility like winzip,winrar etc.

It can optimize presentation files up to 95% keeping file format and quality intact. Effectiveness of this utility is very high so, it saves space and time required to store or transfer via Email or any other mechanism viz. upload to website or FTP server etc.


  • Any one with minimum knowledge of using MS PowerPoint can operate this and can benefit from it.
  • License can be obtained for single user or group of users or for an organization.
  • This can be used by any global user from any country as it supports regional settings of Operating System.
  • Optimized presentation file consumes less memory space as compared to original file. Thus saves time and cost.
  • Very high rate of return on very small amount of investment.


  • The tool is available as an Addin/Plugin for MS PowerPoint (Office environment).
  • It can compress PowerPoint file or presentation with extension (.ppt/.pps) leaving original file as it is.
  • It supports multiple operating systems.
  • PowerPressed can compress PowerPoint files or presentations of different MS Office version like 2003, XP, 2000.
  • It supports multiple languages and regional settings like English, Spanish, French, and Dutch etc.
  • Compresses file without impacting Image Quality, Text, Shapes & Size, Animation or any other effect used existing in original presentation.
  • It maintains folders and files hierarchy as it is while compressing multiple files & folders from source directory location.
  • Easily configurable Compression settings give complete control over the output quality.
  • Installation process is User friendly.It just takes few moments to download and install it.
  • User licensing feature integrated.


  • Technology Used - Based on Latest DotNet Technology.
  • Security - Crypkey licensing feature has been integrated for security and distribution purpose. Assemblies are encrypted and compressed using crypkey tools and utility. This makes it more secure and hence more reliable.
  • Scalability - There is wide scope for scaling up this tool. It can be further enhanced for MS Word, Excel or Outlook. Current version do not support Vista Edition.
  • Design Architecture - Layered concept is used for abstraction. Can be made compatible to support other office product easily.


Key Benefits and Advantages:

  • Ensures PowerPoint attachments are delivered through small email gateways having size restriction.
  • Increases communication faster transfer during upload/ download from networks that frees up bandwidth.
  • Reduces loading times of large presentations.
  • Reduces network and hard drive storage and archiving costs.
  • Reduces email upload and download times.
Within short period, we have deployed in various midsize to large organisations and individual users are using this utility. One of the major imaging software company have also bundled this utility with their product and also distributing it using alternate channels like sites, COTS etc.
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