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A leading company in Construction & Design industry lowered its TCO and improved visibility of one of its subsidiary.


BAM PlantA Pioneer Company, one of largest in Europe in managing Construction, Property, Civil Engineering, Public Private Partnerships, Mechanical and Electrical Contracting and Consultancy Engineering. Company has accomplished thousands of project with its strong team (28000 workforce). BAM Plant has pioneered in managing projects of various size and technical complexity. It owns several subsidiaries and partners with associate companies which are actively working with its functional/technical team on various projects in more than 30 countries.


Various Site Staff which including architect, contractors, Engineers and Supervisors very often require Lifting Equipments, mechanical / non mechanical plants, Power Tools, Surveying Equipments, Product News, Complex Rate structures etc. High lead time to search or communicate related information was resulting into delays and projects were badly impacted due to loss of productivity.

On many occasion, site team had to hire equipments from external sources (even when these were available and standing idle with in the Company). This was increasing total cost of operations and reducing profitability. This was also the loss of business for their own subsidiary which provides these equipments etc.

Timely information was highly dependent on people and their communication process and practices.

Management team from one of subsidiary wanted to have a central repository of products, lifting equipments, construction design, staff skill, contacts, and product news etc to increase visibility and effective use of its resources.

Most of the staff is non-IT and possess minimal computer skills. It was sought to have simple way to organise information.

Company's Management wanted to solve all of the above to minimize Total Cost of Operations and increase Return on Investment as well as profitability of its projects.

Since, the company's core expertise is construction and design, properties, finance, service engineering, Plant and other support services and not software development, BAM Plant finally decided to involve Globrin to provide consulting and solution development along with its IT Department.


Globrin Consultant met with the IT Project Manager and stakeholders of BAM Plant to work out scope of work.

Globrin suggested to develop and implement an intranet system which can facilitate business users (Architect, Contractors and other staff) to access information like news, equipment design and description, contacts products etc. One of important.htmlect was to provide facility to update and manage contents using an interface apart from Intranet website.

Customizable Intranet website and Content Management System was developed by offshore development team of Globrin.

CMS facilities include menu management and its content based on predefined templates like Accommodation (Complexes), Product, Project (Photo Lib), Lifting database, Narrative, Contacts. Each of these predefined templates are defined for special purposes.

This intranet application integrates information from other Business applications in real time like Contacts, Product Details, Equipment Details. So, it serves as best mechanism for remote team to access information without any dependency on others and now they can directly contact for more details instantly using intranet.

Application is simplified to make it intuitive for new visitor or user to use it with out undergoing any training.

Intranet application is highly scalable to meet future requirements.


Intranet site has given many advantages to the company, such as:

  • Company is now able to enhance level of customer satisfaction with better access to accurate and consistent information by its staff
  • Centralization of corporate information
  • Improved ROI and Profitability
  • It plays a major role in corporate system
  • Saves time of company staff
  • With no or minimal computer skills company staff can update and manage Intranet application by using Content Management System.
  • It had helped in lowering Total Cost of Operations in many active projects
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