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i5 Codex is a unique combination of workflow and document management that is easy to use and manage. It allows company procedures and standards to be recorded in one central location for everyone to access from wherever they are. It supports compliance auditing by ensuring that everyone needing to know about specific information is automatically required to acknowledge their receipt and understanding of the information. The workflow facilities make it straightforward to initiate, monitor, highlight exceptions, and if necessary, escalate frequently performed tasks and processes.


  • Centralized Repository: All key data are stored under a centralized and controlled data repository configured for your business structure.
  • Workflow: Tailored workflows designed to track and control your business requirements.
  • Web-based: Can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Dashboard Control: Managers can monitor the health of their organization by tracking selected key activities and actions on a real-time basis.
  • Event Notifications: User defined notifications alert users of required tasks and alert managers to problems, outstanding items, and critical processes.
  • Security: All general permissions are defined at the platform level, allowing for quick and easy application roll out.
  • Audit Trails: All actions taken in i5 Codex are tracked and subsequently made available for reporting and investigation.
  • Reports: An array of available reporting options allows for monitoring of individual as well as application-specific activity.

Which i5 Codex Applications do you need?

Problem Solution
Late notification of problem conditions Uncertain of Sarbanes Oxley compliance Unable to monitor real-time activity i5 Codex Procedure Control
Late notification of problem conditions Uncertain of regulatory compliance Unable to monitor real-time activity i5 Codex Operations Control
No centralized continuity plan Can't truly test the plan you have No nerve center system in the event of an emergency i5 Codex Business Continuity
Case Study

"Software application helps compliance division of a large, global financial institution report & track exceptions and their resolutions."
Posted: 01/03/2011

"Software application helps maintain regulatory and procedure control for Global Bank"
Posted: 01/03/2011

Our Approach

i5Codex - Automated Temperature Tracking Solution

Temperature Monitor Module in i5Codex receives temperature readings from a temperature device and processes and displays real time temperatures obtained. The temperature data obtained from any such devices can be integrated with i5Codex which in turn will trigger workflows as defined in the i5Codex system and forward appropriate notification/alerts to users.

i5Codex can also be used to

  • Achieve Industry Standard Compliance Certificate quickly.
  • Streamline Quality Management process and compliance within organization.
  • Demonstrate compliance on demand at any time with efficiency and without affecting production.