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Consulting and solution desing

We have acquired a number of years of specialist expertise in various sectors for solving major business problems. We offer expert advice on cracking problems related to business processes, knowledge and information management, performance management in addition to advice on challenges related to execution of major IT projects. Many of these problems require IT-based solutions and we are uniquely positioned to implement such solutions cost effectively. Our expertise lies mainly in two sectors, Financial Services and Construction. However, we have executed projects in other sectors too like manufacturing, shipping, retail distribution among others.

Financial Services

Financial ServicesIn Financial Services and Construction, we also carry a range of products developed either completely by ourselves or in partnership with others. We have implemented a state-of-the-art workflow management system called i5 Codex in partnership with Market Resolve in USA , which is being actively used in CitiGroup and ING among others. i5 Codex has been developed specifically for the Financial Services sector but can be adapted to the requirements of other sectors.


Construction In the construction sector, we are in the process of developing a suite of products addressing various issues around the execution of construction projects. A major challenge in the construction industry is the integration of different systems to generate project progress and other management information reports. For example, integrating the cost and budget system and the project plan/schedule system can generate reports on the project progress vis-à-vis cost and time in a unified manner and illustrate the effect of change in one on the other. We have embarked upon developing a middleware addressing this issue of interoperability between various systems in use within the construction industry.

Case Study

"Software application helps compliance division of a large, global financial institution report & track exceptions and their resolutions."
Posted: 01/03/2011

"Software application helps maintain regulatory and procedure control for Global Bank"
Posted: 01/03/2011


i5Codex - Automated Temperature Tracking Solution

Temperature Monitor Module in i5Codex receives temperature readings from a temperature device and processes and displays real time temperatures obtained. The temperature data obtained from any such devices can be integrated with i5Codex which in turn will trigger workflows as defined in the i5Codex system and forward appropriate notification/alerts to users.

i5Codex can also be used to

  • Achieve Industry Standard Compliance Certificate quickly.
  • Streamline Quality Management process and compliance within organization.
  • Demonstrate compliance on demand at any time with efficiency and without affecting production.